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LeeAnne Locken Has A Documented History Of Violence With Knives – So I’m Staying Away From RHOD Season 2

  • By Marie Reyes

LeeAnne Locken Has A Documented History Of Violence With Knives – So I’m Staying Away From RHOD Season 2

One more time for the record... LeeAnne Locken Has A Documented History Of Violence With Knives - So I'm Staying Away from RHOD Season 2

Just over a week ago, I spoke to Rich Bye, the owner of Goodbye Pictures and Producer of the Real Housewives of Dallas and he asked me if I was interested in participating in the upcoming Season 2 since I am friends with most of the girls who will be appearing on the show again.

I told him I would not be participating because I felt like he, Goodbye Pictures, along with NBC Universal, and Bravo, didn't care about my safety or the safety of the other cast members last season. Their collective failure to have an assistant producer spend the night in Stephanie Hollman and Brandi Redmond's lake house with the cast members or at a minimum provide on-site cameras or security for the cast members, was outrageous and intentionally willful, and at worst, grossly negligent.

Let's not forget, LeeAnne threatened to gut me that night and I am not comfortable around her.

Other potential new cast members mentioned to me that Rich Bye has been trying to convince them not to fear LeeAnne Locken because she's allegedly taking anger management classes. Again, it just so happens that she threatened to gut and slaughter me, which Rich Bye, of course, ran and reviewed the morning after video footage. Even a cursory glance at LeeAnne's public records shows she has a history of violence, specifically with knives.

Some of the attached public records are related to an emergency 911 call from her old address where the Dallas Police Department describes an incident in which a complaining witness says LeeAnne "began swinging a large kitchen knife at him," when he then ran into the bedroom, [LeeAnne] was "stabbing the knife into the bedroom door."

To think that Rich Bye and his crew left me in Stephanie and Brandi's lake house overnight without so much as an intervention or a phone call especially after learning from Cary's call and video email to them that LeeAnne threatened to gut me - frankly, I have no words. That illustrates not just a lack of ethics but a lack common decency and compassion.

I have no desire to interact with LeeAnne. This is especially true because I now know unequivocally that LeeAnne not only threatened my life but she also has a documented history of violence and more specifically, violence with knives. I also learned this past summer that Rich Bye, some of the cast, and various media were emailed about LeeAnne's dangerous and violent past behavior. Did Rich, Goodbye Pictures, NBC Universal, or Bravo do the prudent and appropriate thing and actually check into some of the allegations made about LeeAnne's past dangerous and violent behavior? I'm guessing they did not because she is currently rumored to be in contract negotiations for Season 2.

But do tell!

Even without my participation in Season 2 of RHOD, I hope everyone has learned from my experience and I wish all of the new and returning cast health, safety, and happiness. I’ll be focusing more of my time on promoting my new skin care line RAGS II Riches by Marie Reyes, continuing my work with charitable organizations in the Dallas community, and spending quality time with my family!

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