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How You Can Look Your Best After a Facial Treatment

  • By Marie Reyes

How You Can Look Your Best After a Facial Treatment

Getting a customized spa facial or a laser treatment can help you achieve smoother and younger-looking skin. Moreover, it can be a relaxing and soothing experience as you get pampered in the hands of a professional. This is why some women don’t mind getting 4 to 8 facials per year as this treatment can make a visible difference in the way their skin looks. However, exfoliation, extractions, or procedures such as microneedling or chemical peels can leave your skin looking a bit red, and you may be tempted to cover up your freshly treated face with heavy makeup to mask the redness. To get the full benefits of your facial treatment, it is recommended to let your skin breathe and give it a break from cosmetics. However, if you really can’t stand the thought of leaving the medical spa clinic without a stitch of makeup on your face, here’s how to look your best and have great skin after a facial treatment.

Use mineral powder makeup

Mineral powder makeup may be a suitable makeup base to use on all skin types after a facial treatment. Mineral makeup can provide an excellent barrier against the elements after getting a facial treatment or procedure. Moreover, soothing ingredients in this type of foundation or powder can cover and minimize facial redness. Don’t use a powder brush to apply the makeup as your skin may still be sensitive after your treatment. Instead, use a powder puff to lightly pat and press the powder onto your skin. Apply a light, even layer to even out skin tone and cover up redness.

Focus on the eyes

After a facial treatment, the last thing that you want to do is to spend a lot of time applying and blending out concealer or contouring to emphasize your features. Give your skin a break from all of that and focus on your eyes instead. Having strong, well-defined brows can instantly give you a polished look after any treatment or procedure, so focus on defining your arches with some brow powder or brow mascara. Skip the eyeliner and eyeshadow and just sweep on a coat of lengthening mascara on your upper lashes to give your eyes some definition.

Pick a muted lip color

A hot pink lip stain or a bright red lipstick can certainly give life to any complexion, but if you want to de-emphasize facial redness after a facial or a laser treatment, you may want to pick a muted lip color instead. Pinky nudes or soft, muted mauves work well on a wide range of skin tones. You can also look for a lipstick or lip tint that closely matches the natural color of your lips. Skip the lip liner and go for a natural look. If you’re using a lipstick, dab it lightly on your lips to produce a stained effect. If you’re using a tint, use the applicator to dab the tint right on the center of your lips, then use your fingers to evenly spread the tint. If your lips feel a bit dry, apply a coat of lip balm before using a lip color.

Follow these makeup tips to look your best after your facial treatment. You’re sure to look and feel good after your facial or laser treatment without compromising the health of your skin.


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