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Get the Red Carpet Liquid Retro Eyeliner Look

  • By Marie Reyes

Get the Red Carpet Liquid Retro Eyeliner Look

Graphic eye makeup — electric blues, purples, greens — was all over the fall runways. The message: Color is not seasonal. Wear it liberally.

Yet such supercharged colors are still intimidating to many of us.

The makeup artist Nick Barose, whose clients include Priyanka Chopra and Tessa Thompson, has been playing with brights for years. Mr. Barose goes for it most notably when working with Lupita Nyong’o. The watercolor palette he devised for the actress for this year’s Met Gala was dramatic, yet felt carefree.

“The color is the drama, so I keep the skin as natural as I can,” Mr. Barose said. Spontaneity is key, he said, when dabbling in such shades.

Eyebrows are brushed up and perhaps lightly filled in. “Or if someone has a naturally light brow, I might leave it,” he said. He leaves lashes bare or perhaps brushed through with a clear mascara.

“Always cover the eyelid with a light base of foundation or primer so the eyeliner stays in place,” he said.

As vivid pigment has gone mainstream, makeup companies have come up with new textures and the tools to deliver them. In a recent New York Times article, Mr. Barose explains how to use liquid, pencil and crayon liners to brilliant effect.

  1. Draw the Wings First
  2. Use Multiple Shades
  3. Avoid a Perfect Match
  4. An Eyeliner Assistant is Your Best Friend 

Read the full explanation and tips in The New York Times article written by Crystal Martin.

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