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Do You Know How to Wear The Hottest Trend of Fall?

  • By Marie Reyes

Do You Know How to Wear The Hottest Trend of Fall?

As we may all be away by this point – one of the biggest trends we will see this season: VELVET!

The 90s trend made a definitive comeback by dominating runways from Paris to New York. Designers can’t get enough of this luxurious fabric – and the best thing about it is almost anything you want to wear can be in velvet!

As much as I’ve been reading and seeing this everywhere, it is in my humble opinion this trend works, hands down, better as an accent.

We’ve seen some incredible outfits being touted on the red carpet, but they also tend to highlight just how difficult it is to work an entire velvet outfit. For people who aren’t actresses and supermodels, it’s working fashion at a very high difficulty level. By all means, if you think you can rock an all-velvet ensemble, go for it.

If you are still in question or on the fence about how to incorporate the trend, The New York Times came in clutch with some assistance. Here’s what they had to say about it:

Swap Your Jeans for Velvet Trousers

Before breaking out the shimmer and sparkle that go with velvet trousers for the holidays, think of them as you would a versatile pair of jeans. They’re available in assorted cuts, similar to those trending in denim, and will look nicely casual on the weekend with a gray sweatshirt and ankle boots. For a dressier look, go all textural with a silk blouse and shearling jacket.

Dip a Toe Into the Trend

A pop of velvet is a magical accent that can pull a look together, especially when it takes the form of footwear. If you’re layering up in flannel and knitwear this month, a pair of velvet shoes is both a trick and a treat.

Do the Superstar Look With a Velvety Topper

On the cover of her new “Joanne” album, Lady Gaga makes a strong case for a velvety topper. Her luxurious pink hat, $680, is from a limited edition by the Los Angeles milliner Gladys Tamez. Others that make the statement, at a not-so-steep price, can be found from Janessa Leone, Eugenia Kim and Gigi Burris, whose wide-brim fedoras come in lovely shades of gray, navy, emerald green and rose.

Go for the Unexpected

Velvet designer bags are surely having a moment; just walk into Chanel, Gucci or Bottega Veneta. A less expected, and less expensive, way to get the look is with a velvet backpack. It’s an instant, and manifestly easy, game changer.

Head over to the New York Times for brands and prices.

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