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40% of Top-Selling Sunscreens Don't Meet Dermatologists' Standards

  • By Marie Reyes

40% of Top-Selling Sunscreens Don't Meet Dermatologists' Standards

The immediate danger of too much sun is sunburn. If you looked at sunburned skin under a strong microscope, you would see that the cells and blood vessels have been damaged. With repeated sun damage, the skin starts to look dry, wrinkled, discolored, and leathery. Although the skin appears to be thicker, it actually has been weakened and, as a result, it will bruise more easily.

However, the sun's most serious threat is that it is the major cause of skin cancer, which is now the most common of all cancers. Doctors believe that most skin cancers can be avoided by preventing sun damage.

Staying out of the sun is the best way to avoid sun damage, but most of us go outdoors regularly. So when you go outside, take these precautions:

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  • Always wear sunscreen. Apply it on your skin every day. Make it a habit, as you do with brushing your teeth.
  • Avoid sun in the middle of the day, from about 10 am to 3 pm. The ultraviolet rays, which cause sunburn, are strongest during this time.
  • Wear protective clothing. When you do go outdoors, especially for long periods in the middle of the day. Long sleeves and slacks, as well as a wide-brimmed hat, help protect your body against the sun's harmful effects.
  • Wear sunglasses that filter UV light.

A study examined the top consumer-rated sunscreens sold on and found that 40 percent of them did not meet the criteria set by the American Academy of Dermatology.

Read the full article from the LA Times here.

When developing the RAGS II Riches Sun Defense product, the criteria set by the AAD was closely followed.

Rich in age-defense actives, the luxurious, cashmere-like formula offers broadband UV protection combined with intuitive color correction technology. This advanced formula has anti-aging, anti-acne and pigment reducing properties for a more even skin tone and sun protection that can keep up with your busy lifestyle.

RAGS II Riches is a luxury four-step skincare system, expertly developed by Marie Reyes and proven by science to reverse the signs of aging.

"RAGS" is an acronym which stands for Retinol, Antioxidants, Growth Factor and Sun Protection. When used together as a system, evens skin tone, removes fine lines, improves texture, and stimulates collagen in your skin's sub-dermal layers. Find out more at the RAGS II Riches Online Store.

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