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What Do the Real Housewives Think of France's Ban on "Burkini" Full-Body Bathing Suits?

  • By Marie Reyes

What Do the Real Housewives Think of France's Ban on

Beach towns around France are following suit after the mayor of Cannes announced he'd be banning so-called "burkinis." Those are head-to-toe swimsuits typically worn by devout Muslim women when they head to beaches or swimming pools. The legs, arms, body, neck, and even hair are covered in swim-friendly fabrics in an effort to mimic the traditionally modest dress code for non-swimming times. But after tensions caught fire following the Nice massacre at the hands of a Tunisian truck driver earlier this summer, Cannes mayor David Lisnard called the style of swimwear “a uniform that is the symbol of Islamist extremism," and major controversy has ensued.

Well, what do Real Housewives — known for their (ahem) less modest swimwear — think of the drama? "When in France, do as the French do," Real Housewives of Dallas' Marie Reyes told Jet Set exclusively. "Save the burkini for Saudi Arabia and don't forget to practice safe sun!"

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