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The Real Housewives of Dallas Episode 6 Recap

  • By Marie Reyes

The Real Housewives of Dallas Episode 6 Recap

To Marie’s house, where Brandi allows the Bravo cameras to show her from behind, in yoga pants, ringing the doorbell. Not since Rosa Parks refused to sit in the back of the bus has America seen such a brave woman. Marie answers the door wearing the sartorial antithesis of Brandi’s outfit. It’s a flouncy yellow skirt paired with a fuchsia blouse and pair of 6-inch heels. She tells Brandi that her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia, just got home from school. So it’s maybe 4 o’clock? Who dresses like this on a weekday afternoon while waiting for a woman who shows up in yoga pants? I’ll tell you who: someone who is overcompensating for not having been chosen as an official cast member of a reality TV show.

Then something bizarre happens. Brandi, the former Cowboys Cheerleader, proceeds to give Sophia another slut lesson — sorry, dance lesson — like she did in Episode 2. Only this time she does it on a marble floor, in a hallway. With no music. It is sad and awkward. In the Park Cities, it is considered child abuse.

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