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Marie: Tiffany Had An Agenda

  • By Marie Reyes

Marie: Tiffany Had An Agenda

Marie Reyes shares her side of "text gate" and her theories on why Tiffany tried to drive a wedge between herself and LeeAnne. How do you feel about Leeanne after what happened at your cocktail party?

MR: Let's face it, LeeAnne acted pretty crazy at my cocktail party and then deliberately lashed out at almost everyone who engaged her at the party and afterwards she sent me some pretty nasty and scary texts regarding her whereabouts even suggesting she might soon be "dead in a ditch." Tiffany and I were texting each other trying to figure out how to help LeeAnne! Tiffany was engaging me and texting me back and totally agreed that LeeAnne's behavior was bizarre and how WE shouldn't tolerate it anymore and that LeeAnne's actions were a form of self-harm. Needless to say, during the exchange of texts around LeeAnne's behavior at my cocktail party, both Tiffany and I agreed, the behavior was atrocious.

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