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Marie Reyes on That Night in Austin: 'I Let LeeAnne Bully Me'

  • By Marie Reyes

Marie Reyes on That Night in Austin: 'I Let LeeAnne Bully Me'

Hear Marie's side of this unforgettable confrontation with LeeAnne Locken...

To say I was apprehensive about the trip to Austin would be an overstatement. I really did think “Textgate” was behind us, and LeeAnne Locken understood that when Tiffany and I communicated after my cocktail party, I was doing it out of concern for her. At Travis’ birthday party, my husband Angel and I had a great time. I spent most of that night visiting with LeeAnne, LeeAnne, Brandi, and Cary. We were all genuinely having a fun time celebrating God’s gift to us (Travis)!

When Brandi floated the idea of a girls trip to Austin, I was happy to be invited. I was looking forward to the trip and was hoping it would bond all of us. We’d be spending lots of time together and celebrating multiple birthdays, and it seemed like everyone was getting along much better than before. An hour into the van ride, someone has to pee, shocker! No one wanted to make a pit stop, and several girls suggested Brandi to just hold it. However, Brandi ultimately showed some road warrior skills and peed in a red solo cup!!!! Crazy but hilarious! LeeAnne was NOT happy and looked-on, horrified by Brandi’s carnival trick. LeeAnne didn't let it go and said something like, "that is disgusting," so Brandi let-fly with her comment “it’s better than shitting in the back of a car - in a bag.” At that point in time, I still had no idea Taylor had told Brandi and Stephanie that LeeAnne “pooped her pants.” So you can imagine my surprise when Brandi told everyone Taylor said I told him all of this!?!? I was completely baffled.

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