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Bombshell: Marie Has Proof Tiffany Lied To Leeanne

  • By Marie Reyes

Bombshell: Marie Has Proof Tiffany Lied To Leeanne

Real Housewives of Dallas star Marie Reyes is putting Tiffany Hendra’s innocent act on blast. Marie wants the RHOD fans to know that Tiffany’s sisterly love act with LeeAnne is nothing but a facade. Marie claims that Hendra participated and encouraged her text messages, and never once told her that she was uncomfortable with the conversation.

Reyes claims that she was shocked by Hendra’s claims on last week’s episode, and had no idea that she told Locken about their text exchange. One of the reasons that it shocked her so much was Tiffany was the one who started the texts, and she responded to every single one of Marie’s messages. And, as it turns out, Reyes has proof, and it looks like Hendra may not be as innocent as she once claimed.

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