Frequently Asked Questions

RAGS II Riches Product Questions

What makes Rags II Riches skincare different than other anti-aging moisturizers and lotions out there?

I’ve used a retinol based moisturizer before and it irritated my skin. How is your retin A product different?

What kind of skin types will the Rags2Riches skincare system work on?

I have sensitive skin – can I still use your skincare system?

I have a sunscreen already that I use – do I need to buy yours to complete the system or can I use the one I already have? What’s different about yours?

Can I just buy the Retin A exfoliant cream and use my other existing products with it? Or do I need to use all four of your products to get the benefits of your skincare system?

Shipping and Returns

Can I return one of your products with an empty bottle?

If I return a RAGS II Riches product, who pays the return shipping?

If I return a RAGS II Riches product, will I receive a full refund?

What if a product is damaged in shipping?

Questions About or For Marie

What did you like best about being on the Real Housewives of Dallas?

Wow you are one busy lady – career, husband, family, TV show. How do you fit it all in?

How do you relax in your downtime?